Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Eid Shopping At Its Peak.

Eid ul Fitr is still a month ahead. However, people have jammed the markets because of Eid’s shopping. Retailers have reported that the sales of clothes has increased by 50 percent. “We are delighted due to huge crowd of people in the market even before Ramazan” on shopkeeper blurted out.

Parking spaces around the shopping malls and small and big markets are full and it’s very hard to find space to park even a bike. 

“Girls spend more money on clothes compared to what they used to in past” A female shopkeeper informed “I think it’s due to new clothing brands and advertisement on media 24/7”

“The buyers are out early in the markets because of the timing of salaries, many employees get their salaries in the first week on the current month” A shopkeeper said. 

Another reason of this turnout can be the hot weather as people will not like to go out shopping during Ramazan in this hot weather. 

“This influx of people in markets might reduce dramatically as it has increased dramatically because people prefer finishing their Eid shopping before Ramazan to avoid wasting their time in markets during fasting.” One retailed argued.

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