Thursday, 18 June 2015

Drone strike: Al-Qaeda leader targeted in Yemen

CIA drone strike targeted the leader of Al-Qaeda in Yemen, though the death of the said person has not been confirmed. 

Al-Qaeda’s group Nasir al-Wuhayshi in the Arabian Peninsula is believed to be behind many conspiracies against the US. An attempt to destroy a US aircraft on Christmas Day 2009. 

US informed that they were studying intelligence related to a June 9 drone attack that targeted Wuhayshi. Wuhayshi is also known by the name of Al-Qaeda’s number two. 

“We are making sure whether he is dead or not” a US intelligence officer informed. 

A Yemeni official said that Wuhayshi is thought to have been killed in an attack. A drone had fired 4 missiles on June 9 at 3 Al-Qaeda leaders, killing them on the stop. Further, a reward of $10 million is offered by US for any information about Al-Qaeda leaders. 

“Al-Qaeda is currently having 4 groups. One of them is thought to be Wuhayshi’s” official of AFP told. “What we are facing currently is bad but what we will face in future will be more harmful and dangerous”

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